Granutec Granulator Screen

Model: TFG 1424SP

Made from highest quality US Steel: Mild, Stainless and Plate

Manufactured to exceed OEM specifications

Custom screen hole shapes are available in: Circles, Squares, Hexagons and Octagons

Screen hole sizes are available: 3/32 inch through 3/8 inch

Metric hole sizes also available in millimeters or centimeters

Granutec Granulator Replacement Screens

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-332-L            Holes: 3/32 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-18-L              Holes: 1/8 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-532-L            Holes: 5/32 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-316-L            Holes: 3/16 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-732-L            Holes: 7/32 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-14-L              Holes: 1/4 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-516-L            Holes: 5/16 inches

Part #: GRATFG 1424SP-38-L              Holes: 3/8 inches

Granulator Screen Size

Part Length: 24.313 inches

Part Width: 14.26 inches

Part Thickness: 0.313 inches

Arc Depth: 5.370 inches